Miranda GibsonMiranda Gibson, who has been at the top of a tree for 318 days, is today making a commitment to stay in the tree, despite the failure of the forest talks to reach an agreement.

“The failure of the talks brings even greater uncertainty for Tasmania’s world class forests. And with it uncertainty about how long I will need to remain at the top of this tree” said Miranda Gibson.

“Almost a year ago now I made a vow to remain at the top of this tree until the forests were protected. I had hoped, for the sake of the forests, the negotiations would deliver the secure protection these forests so urgently need” said Ms Gibson.

“Although there is no end in sight for my tree sit now, I remain hopeful. The international community has clearly shown that there is no place on the global market for products made from the destruction of Tasmania’s native forests. And therefore, the industry must change sooner rather than later” said Ms Gibson.

“I am now looking to the government and the industry to step up and heed the advice made by scientific experts to protect these forests. I will continue my tree top vigil, standing with people across the globe who keep protection of Tasmania’s unique forests” said Ms Gibson.

“This tree that has been my home for over ten months is in an area that has been recommended for world heritage protection. With the forest talks over, this forest remains under imminent threat from logging, which could begin again any day. I will be staying in this tree, keeping watch over this forest and the animals that call it home” said Ms Gibson.


Media Release: Australia’s longest running tree sit set to continue indefinitely.

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