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No OptusWhen I relocated to the mainland I continued to use the mobile broadband from Optus that I had been using for over a year. There was one small change in that I started using Amaysim as my service enabler. They utilise the Optus network for their service and the change made for better customer service, far better pricing and not dealing with Optus customer service.

On Saturday the 14th April at about 11.30am I encountered a problem.

Something changed. I was happily working away on my blog and the internet disappeared. I had signal. I did all the checks. It just wasn’t there.

I contacted Amaysim tech support team and they had me jump through the regular hoops. All to no avail.

The Amaysim team then elevated the support request to Optus for their “Advanced Technical Assistance”. Which is Amaysim’s procedure for when there is a suspected hardware issue that Amaysim have no control over.

Optus came back to Amaysim with: “Have the client check the Sim card, Dongle, PC etc. etc.” (As it couldn’t possibly be their fault.)

So Amaysim tech support had me replace the SIM card, Try an alternate dongle and try a different PC. No problems my end so Amaysim went back to Optus again for their “Advanced Technical Assistance”.

Optus advised Amaysim that they had to initiate an investigation into the matter and will get back to them in 2 to 5 working days.

On the 5th working day I called Amaysim support and they contacted Optus for an update.

Optus advised Amaysim that they “position their towers to cover main roads not residential areas” and that “Because the client is located on the coast…” there is a high amount of moisture in the air and that the Optus signal is affected by Swamp gas from a weather balloon that is trapped in a thermal pocket… and refracted the light from Venus.(MIB)

What they actually said in this last part was “Because the client is located on the coast and there is a high moisture content in the air there the Optus mobile data signal is affected by the high moisture content and this can cause unreliable data streams.”

I asked the Amaysim team member if he believed what Optus had advised. He diplomatically stated that it was the information that was provided and that he had to work with it.

The response from Optus was disappointing. I once again pointed out that this problem had just started. I also said that in the four months since being in this new area I had been able to use the service with no problems and that in Tasmania, days of 100% humidity were the norm and that I hadn’t had a problem with data streams through high moisture content in the air while I was there.

Also that Optus’s statement that they “position their towers to cover main roads not residential areas” is Verging on the Ridiculous to say the least.

The Amaysim team member reiterated that unfortunately he can only go by the information provided by Optus.

So basically Optus either made a change to their equipment on that Saturday or something has failed and they aren’t prepared to rectify the problem.

I enquired as to how we proceed from here. I was advised that Amaysim were prepared to provide me with a full refund of my package purchase. I was pleasantly surprised when I found that “full refund” meant that even though I had already used about half the package they would refund as if I hadn’t used any.

I have no problem with Amaysim whatsoever. I continue to use them for my mobile phone and happily recommend them to others.

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