Of late I have come across several companies that just do not want to take my money!

“I want to spend my money with you! Why won’t you take it??”

This is something I just cannot understand. Being in business myself I am always happy for people to throw money at me. In fact they do it quite willingly.

It’s a simple process:

  • Here is what I want.
  • It’s a product you supply.
  • Here is how I want it.
  • I have the money for it.
  • When can I have it?

It’s really not that difficult so why won’t you get back to me with the simple things like here’s your invoice, packing slip, delivery date and our thanks for your patronage?

How can businesses act in this way all the while complaining that business isn’t so good?

Maybe, just maybe, business is bad because you won’t service potential customers………

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