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The Problem

Recently, on a FaceBook community group’s page – Plastic Free Wollongong I noticed a post from a member expressing their dismay that our local radio station, i98FM, was handing out Balloons.

This post inspired me to create this meme:

i98fm Balloon meme

I first posted it to the Plastic Free Wollongong group FaceBook page and then on the i98FM FaceBook page.

The Response

On Thursday, 13 September 2018 at 8:57am i98FM responded.

i98FM response

It is rare to get a response and rarer still to get such a positive outcome.

The Acknowledgement

Acknowledgement of i98fms action

The Moral of the story

So the moral of the story is that we must always stand up for the environment against the actions of businesses, groups and especially the government.

Because sometimes they listen, sometimes they respond, sometimes they act.

NVDA (Non Violent Direct Action) can, will and does work.

John Adams

When As Good As Gold’s Chief Economist, John Adams, posted the following to his FaceBook page. I am sure he did not expect the ensuing outrage.

“A 2 star general within Defence has sent an all of base today inviting employees to wear purple on Aug 30for solidarity with LGBTI communities and to hear from a Transgender ambassador who serves as an adviser to the Victorian Gov on inclusiveness.

This country has gone mad!!!”

– John Adams 2018

His post appeared in my feed. Apparently at some point in time I had accepted a “Friend Request” from him. To say his post triggered me would be an understatement.

John Adams Post TeeKay reaction


John Adams’ post not only triggered me, it had an affect on quite a few people as I’m sure anyone could imagine. Although I blocked him straight after my reaction I know, now, that friends were not only watching John Adams’ post but also commenting on the post on his page.

A meme by CGG soon appeared.

John Adams Quote

John Adams’ post was apparently inundated with comments and angry reactions which obviously prompted him to delete it. I have received many messages from friends about his post, their reactions and the comments they put on his post.

Many of those friends report that they have since been blocked by John Adams.

Creative Comments

There were also some very creative comments to other posts on his page. Some of which remain there today (two weeks later), obviously overlooked by John Adams. Although once John Adams sees this Blog post I imagine he will go in hunt of each and every one of them and delete them.

Hidden Comments

The Promise

I am sure the reality of the promise by Charles soon struck home with John Adams when a comment appeared on the “As good as Gold” website where John Adams had posted an article. Charles tagged me in his post of a screenshot of the article with the comment in place. A comment that was soon deleted and Charles was blocked from that website. Which I am sure Charles is truly devastated about…

As Good As Gold Comment

The Moral of the story

So the moral of the story is, John Adams, don’t be a homophobic Dick. Otherwise you might annoy someone enough that they will dedicate their foreseeable future to letting absolutely everyone in your life know exactly what you said.


The Kritic approached As Good As Gold’s for a comment about their company’s non-discrimination policy and how they promote the values behind the Australia’s Sex Discrimination Act 1984 to its employees.

At the time of publication there has been no response from As Good As Gold.